ERD* measuring system for material characterization

A complete Ultra High Vacuum system for a National Research Institute in Belgium.

The system consist of a scattering chamber, bottom chamber and load lock with sample transfer. The system shows a vertical transfer arm that holds down 12 small samples in the center of the scattering chamber. These samples are mounted on a sample holder that will be transferred in and out the UHV chamber from the loadlock. The rotation resolution and reproducibility of the sample holder (+180° and – 180°) should be within 0,05°. Manipulation will be done with a Ferrofluidic rotary drive with stepper motor computer control. The rotation encoder on the shaft guarantees a resolution of 0,01°. The samples can be heated up to 950° Celsius by using a PBN heater.

* ERD = Elastic Recoil Detection. In ERD, the information comes from the energy of the recoiled target atoms.